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How Do I Learn English Vocabulary? #ENGLISHFITRI

How Do I Learn English Vocabulary? 

Bagaimana saya belajar kosa kata bahasa inggris ?

By Jennifer Lebedev | Oleh Jennifer Lebedev
English Teacher, Writer, and Consultant | Guru Bahasa Inggris, Penulis dan Konsultan
When you study a foreign language, you have to learn a lot of new words. Ketika kamu belajar sebuah bahasa asing, kamu harus belajar banyak kata - kata baru. But how do you know which ones to learn? Tapi bagaimana kamu tahu yang mana untuk belajar ? Well, please don’t try to memorize a dictionary. Baik, tolong jangan mencoba untuk menghafal sebuah kamus. Focus on the most common words and words you need for your everyday communication. Fokus terhadap kata - kata yang umum dan kata - kata yang kamu butuhkan untuk komunikasi sehari - hari kamu. A computer programmer and a medical doctor must learn different industry-specific words, but they’ll also use many of the same words, like make and important. Seorang programer komputer dan seorang dokter kesehatan harus belajar berbeda kata - kata secara khusus, tapi mereka juga akan menggunakan banyak kata - kata yang sama seperti make dan important. A good vocabulary resource will present frequently used words for you to study. Sebuah kosa kata yang baik akan sering hadir digunakan kata - kata untuk kamu belajar. Visit sites like Learning Chocolate, English Central, and of course USA Learns to get you started with everyday vocabulary. Kunjungi situs seperti Learning Chocolate, English Central dan juga USA Learns untuk dapat kamu memulai dengan kosa kata setiap hari.

Senin, 28 Agustus 2017


Today is Monday. I have schedule to make translate text from English to Bahasa. I get this text from click here  Let's read together guys. And I am going to translate to better understand.

Make time to read.

Reading can help you improve your vocabulary. Reading can expose you to new grammar or reinforce grammar that you’ve already learned. Reading can help you better understand what kind of language is most appropriate in a certain situation. In short, reading has many benefits because it is closely connected to other language skills. However, reading is also a skill in itself. How well do you understand the theme of a text? How well do you understand a writer’s tone and purpose?
My advice is to make time to read in English. It will help you improve your general mastery of English. It will also make you a better thinker in English.